Friday, December 6, 2013

Final Missionary Blog for Hermana Lythgoe


It's been a long time since an update on Sister Lythgoe.  Here are a few highlights from her last few months in the mission field:

September 2013:
We continue seeing miracles daily...even onthe hard days when its hot, we're tired, and no one answers.  Those days are long.  We're doing are darnest though to keep our heads up and keep pluggin away.  We had a neat experience yesterday with a guy that came to the door with dress...looked a bit scary.  But we ended up stepping outside for a few minutes and teaching him about prayer.  The spirit just took over.  It was powerful.  We left him with the spirit...and then sent him to the YSA elders.  Who knows what's going to happen with him but the seeds were planted.

September 2013:
Our district is getting split up.  Ahhh! so sad.  I've never had such a tight district before.  They're all so great and have impacted my life forever...especially my district leader.  He's amazing.  Such a great, loving leader, hard worker, yet humble and love to laugh.  My companion and I are constantly talking about how great the elders in our district are.  It'll be sad to see everyone part, but good as well.  My testimony about the power of the priesthood has just gone sky high since before the mission.  I tell you what...I've been blessed to have so many great powerful, yet small experiences with blessings that have just helped me know how much Heavenly Father knows me personally.  I'm so grateful for worthy priesthood holders.  Life is good.

October 2013:

Just finish 'marinating' in the temple for 3 hours.  Wow, I tell you that new video is amazing!  Amazing!  You not only see and hears God's love...but you get to FEEL it.  I loved it so much.  I could spend days in the temple.  We had our Zone Conference this week.  My companion and I gave some sister trainings and practices.  I feel like it went really well.  It was a very good meeting.  They are always very spiritual.

I had a real great week and felt many of the ole' burdens  lifted.  I went on exchanges with two sister missionaries.  These two sisters are very opposite missionaries but none the less with a great desire to be out here.  The more I get to know some of these missionaries and their strengths and such the more I realize it is almost my time to get booted:)  They need to advance which pushes me out of the picture.  That is a sad thought to me but I know it's good.  We have great sisters here in the mission!  I learned a lot from both of my exchanges.  There has been an increased focus on companion unity recently.  That's been so great.  It's amazing how much the unity within your companionship really does affect the work.

November 2013:

We had a mission leadership council last week and Elder Packer (Pres. Packer's son) has such a humble  sweet spirit about him....yet he's so stinkin' funny.  I had to stop myself from laughing a couple of times.  He's a great guy.  He talked about the spirit of Elijah a bit and his passion for family history.  Then told us about the great responsibility we have as leaders of the mission.  He did it in such a way that was so powerful.  I wish I could explain but I really can't.  He talked about how the spirit of Elijah is really just the spirit testifying of the divine importance of the family.  I loved that.  That makes so much sense.  Was a really good meeting.  I can't wait to get more involved in family history afterwards.

December 2013:

Well this week was a good week.  Consisted mostly  For Thanksgiving we ended up having 3 dinner appointments. Oh baby! One right after the other.  Started in right around 4 p.m. and finished up around 8 p.m.  Non stop eating.

The work continues to move forward.  We had an amazing experience with an investigator yesterday.  He's very skeptical.  It started out a bit rough but I tell you ended so well.  The spirit was soooo strong, especially around the time when we were talking about Joseph Smith and shared his experience.  Tears filled the investigators eyes---whether he'll admit it or not.  It was powerful to see him completely calm as the words of Joseph Smith's experience came from our mouths.  We both testified and left him with the spirit.  As we talked about it afterwards my companion and I both felt like this investigator knew it was true.  Although he didn't accept the baptismal invitation too well...he is going to think about it.  It just goes to show the power of the First Vision.  I've had so many experiences like that on the mission that its impossible for me to deny the First Vision.  I've seen it have an amazing effect on other.  I love Joseph Smith.  Can't wait to meet him one day.  I love being a missionary.

 As the sun sets on Stacey's mission I'm sure she would want you all to know how much she has loved her time in the mission field.  She has worked with all of her heart, might, mind, and strength.  She looks forward to coming home...she knows it is her time.  She will arrive home December 18.  She will be giving her mission report December 29 at 1:00 p.m. in the Heber East Stake Center (Old Mill Ward).

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The long awaited update on Hermana Lythgoe

Here is an update for Hermana Lythgoe:

August 28, 2012

I love studying the Gospel so much every single morning! I am intrigued by history now, it's coming to life. I am amazed how God has inspired man, left and right, all throughout the ages of time. God answers prayers, I KNOW IT.

My companion Hermana Farr

September 4, 2012

Spanish is coming along; it is such a beautiful language. I get frustrated with it at times, but it is such a pretty language.

September 11, 2012

Had a district activity and played volleyball and basketball. It was a hoot! The Elders are so funny. I am getting old, because afterwards I was so sore. I remember in my blessing I received before coming out to the mission field, that my love for the people would keep me going, that has been apparent this week. As soon as we get out the door and into the house, oh baby, that’s fun! The gospel is true!

There is so much I don’t know about the gospel, I am realizing. All I have is my testimony that I know it is true and that’s what is getting me through right now. This work is all about love. Mission life is hard, especially how much we talk about families how can I not think about mine. I miss you all!

September 18, 2012

Oh my goodness what an amazing week! Oh the sheaves! Not sure what that means. But in D & C 33 it talks about the blessings of opening your mouth and doing missionary work and mentions the sheaves, so my comp and I have been saying that as we have seen God’s hand in our lives this week! I’m on the Lord’s errand and that to me is so satisfying. I’d like to say I’ve been like that my whole life, but I am learning everyday what it really means to be converted. I am learning so much about how to become a servant of the Lord. My life has been changed, my eyes have been opened… its great! Missionary work is exciting; however, I now know that it is something that you have to experience in order to testify of.

October 2, 2012

We have a few investigators that are progressing which is so exciting! It is hot here, 102 degrees last week! It’s kind of miserable contacting in this weather. You learn to just take it all in, it’s all part of the experience. Thankfully right now we do have some appointments, the work is starting to pick back up.  I continue to see miracles every day in the mission. In our district meeting, we talked about miracles we have seen. I could’ve gone on for an hour or so on the little things we see everyday. And maybe it’s just me that sees them as miracles, but I can definitely testify that God is aware of all His children.

October 9, 2012

What in the world… Sister’s can go out on a mission at 19 and Elders at 18. That’s crazy but so exciting. We were all dying when they told us that. The effects are going to be huge, the work is hastening. I actually, probably, would’ve gone out at 19. I have always been mission minded and I know that I needed to serve a mission. The world is ready for this change. I am sure that there are so many young men and women that are ready to submit, if they haven’t already, their papers. I like that they are cutting back the MTC time by 1/3. I loved the MTC so much, but did feel like it was a bit long. They have a really good 12 week program right as you get into the field, but you are practicing with real people. It’ll be such a great help with those younger missionaries. I love being an active role in this work, it is moving so quickly yet at the same time it is such a slow work. Everyday giving it your all, being diligent in your studies, visiting and talking with one person at a time; the Lord needs our help, we need to be an active part in helping the Lord build His kingdom.

My companion Hermana Andrus 

San Diego Temple
October 16, 2012

We have two baptisms for the 27th of October. It is amazing how natural teaching feels when the people want you there. Those are good times.

October 30, 2012

Two people that we have been teaching, for some time, told us that they don’t believe in what we are telling them anymore. They have found information online and just don’t want to listen to use anymore. They did it in such a loving manner but at the same time I kept thinking, “Oh my gosh, this can’t be happening.” It was sad! All we could do was testify. Teach them to be careful of stuff online. My companion and I left, and started sobbing. It was so hard! I had never felt so hurt. It was definitely one of the hardest times on the mission so far. Then we went to a baptismal interview and had one of the highest points of the mission. A mission is such an emotional rollercoaster. I have never had to work so hard mentally. I can reflect back on those times I prepared for those marathon races that I did. It taught me a lot about endurance. It is at those times, that I feel like I can’t keep going and I think of “the race of life” in a good way to depend on my Heavenly Father and keep moving forward just like I had to do in those races.

November 6, 2012

Bobby!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for your call! Texas mission is perfect; you are going to LOVE it. I really wish I could tell you all this advice and such, but really I’m beginning to realize that a mission can’t be put into words; you just have to go through it. Your spiritual side is just going to sprout Bob; it’s beautiful, nothing like it. If I had to tell you any advice, I’d say become more familiar with the organization of the church. My new companion, Hermana Andrus, is a work-a-holic. She is hilarious too!

November 13, 2012

We are teaching a family who are very poor. We have found out that the Relief Society in the ward got together and took care of some of their temporal needs. It’s amazing that after taking care of temporal needs, people are willing to work on their spiritual. We had such a great lesson with this family.

November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Day we got two dinners, both of which I filled my insides. Oh baby, I was sick but the food was excellent. It was a fun night. We also had a baptism last week.145 showed up to support this lady’s baptism. It was so special.

Thanksgiving cookies that we're giving away

December 18, 2012

I got a new companion, Hermana Schwegler, she is so hilarious. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in my life. We have some good times together. Things are going great!

December 26, 2012

I wish it was Christmas all year around. I guess as missionaries it is, but the people seem to have a nicer touch to them when it is Christmas time. Work is great, I love being a missionary. I have found the thing that I am just passionate about that I want to do forever, missionary work!!

Our apartment at Christmas time!

January 2, 2013

I am so grateful for how I was raised, we are so blessed. We have so much. Never again will I leave an ounce of food on my plate. I’m grateful for the gospel in my life, I love it so much. I love learning about it. It makes me so happy, it just makes sense to me. I am learning more and more how to take my testimony from my heart and put it into words.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Off to Carlsbad California!!!!

My new address:
Hermana Stacey Lythgoe
451 West Bobier Drive
Vista, CA 92083

August 14, 2012-- Tuesday

Oh gosh... where to even begin!! Maybe the fact that I forgot you guys were even alive until today! I have been so focused on the work that it has been crazy! It's a good thing. Leaving the MTC was the best day ever. I was worried that I was wasn't worried. I loved it so much (the MTC) and learned so much from it. The mission President introduced us new missionaries and he told everyone that I am fire and chainsaw certified! (Important Info.... )What in the world?! It was so embarrassing, see if I put that on papers again.

My companion reminds me of Sarah Haderlie, Laurie Lythgoe, and Janessa Roney (surprisingly). No one can compare to Janessa. We teach so many lessons a day, it is crazy! Contacting is my favorite part people are soooo good! I am shocked at how people just open up and share their deepest desires and feelings when you are a representative of the Lord, people need help.

So, a funny story that I will share with you:
We see this little old lady across the way, and I suggest to go over and talk to her, so we do. We passed her crossing the street and I said, "Hola, can we help you out?" Because she was carrying some bags. She yells, "Go to Heck...." But she really said the word! We looked at each other, kind of taken back, but then I just lost it and started cracking up, secretly of course. It was funny.

I have been called to teach the humble. It is amazing and it feels so right. The people here, oh my gosh, are so humble! We are not in the ritzy area of this mission. They are such poor people and just need to be loved first. I keep thinking to myself  "Of course I was suppose to come here to California so I could meet you," or "Of course I was suppose to come to this area."

August 21, 2012-- Tuesday

Preparation days are hard! It is a funny thing. They are probably the hardest days because we are not constantly teaching, so it is tough. This week we got in a car crash, no one was hurt. The lady we hit, she told us that everything happens for a reason and asked us for a quick prayer, she was a preacher of some religion. But when her husband came, he was beyond mad!

We set two baptismal dates this week, so exciting!! And, they came to church this Sunday.  I tried to bear my testimony during the lesson, I started in and was getting a little chocked up so I had to stop for a bit. Everyone thought that I was struggling with the language, so they moved on (dang it). Yesterday we had a Zone conference. It was so fun getting together with the other 20 missionaries and talk about how we can improve. It was all about Faith and how we can strengthen our Faith. President Cook is awesome! I can compare my life as a missionary to that of running a half marathon. I am learning how to mentally keep moving, it is so hard! But so good at the same time. Some days I feel like crying. I seriously feel like I did when I hit mile 11 in my races... exhausted... can't keep going... but somehow get through it and I am able to finish the day.

My companion and I sang "I know that my Redeemer Lives" at the Zone conference. Kind of nerve wracking, but definitely brought the spirit, I loved it!

Pictures in the MTC

Roommates in the MTC. (L-R) Hermana Garner, Hermana Adams, Me, and Hermana Whicker, my companion. This was my first day in the MTC and we are all going to the same mission.

                                            My district attending the temple in Provo, Utah.

Me and Sister Moon-- I ran the dirty dash with her before we entered the MTC. She is going to be serving in Washington, Spanish Speaking.

                                                        Missionaries serving the Lord.

Elder Nelson from Heber (the one standing to my left) and his companion is an Elder I met while I was in New Zealand last year.

July 17, 2012

I was sitting in sacrament meeting and lots of changes were being made. Everyone in my district now has a calling, except me. So I knew right when they called the last few in my district that I would be speaking that day in sacrament meeting.... I just knew it... and I was! This was my first talk in Spanish and it was great! 

I leave in three weeks and I am very excited! My companion is a bit nervous to get out there to California, but I can't help to just feel SOOOO excited! I'm ready to just do this!

July 24, 2012

I'm going to miss the TRC. I want to come and be an investigator when I get back, it is such a neat experience! Life is great! The MTC is the best place ever. It is not a jail like some people say, it's one of the closest places to Heaven in my eyes. 

On Sunday, I got called as Coordinating sister which they say is the closest thing to Relief Society President. It will be my responsibility to make sure the new sisters feel welcome and get them settled, it should be great! I also get to go to a lot more meetings now and I am glad. I love leadership opportunities, it forces me to be a better person.

July 31, 2012

My companion and I got chosen to demonstrate how to begin teaching in front of the new missionaries that come in on Wednesday. It's kind of a big deal actually! I remember going to it the day I got here. There are about 50 missionaries and the "Pro" missionaries (I felt they were Pro at the time) would come in and demonstrate with an investigator. I never thought that I would be that missionary who would now be demonstrating. It's quite an honor! There are 16 missionaries chosen, and me and my companion were two of those who were chosen.

Well I'm calling home in ONE WEEK!! We are leaving the MTC at 5 a.m. August 7th to head to the airport to fly out to California. I am very excited to hear your happy voices!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loving Mission Life

Oh my goodness what an AMAZING week! My companion and I taught our new investigator. We have two new ones now. Cesar and Eduardo. We taught Ceasar first and what an amazing experience that was. We were both so nervous, probably because Ceasar is really our teacher and is such an amazing teacher, so it was pretty intimidating going in to teach him but I can honestly say that it was by far our best lesson. The spirit was SO STRONG! It started off a little rough but then after finding out more about him we both were able to adjust our lesson we had planned to meet his needs, although it was such a simple lesson, it was still so powerful. It's amazing that Heavenly Father can place the words in your mouth the very minute you need them. I definitely can testify of this now. The next day we had a lesson that didn't go very well, it's funny the high and lows that we have. The reason being that I could not understand a word that Eduardo (our other investigator) was saying. He was talking so fast! The spirit was not there at all, it was a hard lesson actually. One thing that I have definitely gained is a testimony of the power of the atonement! I know that Christ suffered for EVERYONE and that we can be completely forgiven of guilt and shame!

We also went to the TRC this week... that's where you just go in and teach a member who has come in and volunteered. Everyone talks about how it is so scary and I can see why, but I thought that my companion and I did a great job! We taught twice, back to back. The first one was an older man. LOVED him. It was so easy to just talk with him and feel Gods love for him. The spirit was so strong with this older man. Then we got to teach another woman, not the same effect for me. Although we did a great job, I just didn't feel as connected to her as the first one because I wasn't able to understand her, but it was still good and a great experience. We get to go into the TRC every Thursday.

We have had the best devotionals this week! It's missionary president training this week so a lot of the apostles are in and out, I haven't seen any yet but I think there will be one speaking to us tonight!

Love you all and thanks for all the letters!!
Hermana Lythgoe

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time flies when your on the Lord's side!

Oh my goodness! What a great few days! After arriving at the MTC and getting all situated, I met my companion. We have the same major at BYU and actually were in a few classes together. She's so amazing. We're perfect for each other and we both work well together, I love it! My other roommates are all so great, we get along so well! They are all so determined to serve the Lord which is so great. Well where to begin... I've already taught 3 lessons in Spanish... umm WHAT?? me?!? talking in Spanish?? yup! Heavenly Father has definitely just taken over. i would not have been able to do what I've done in the last few days without him. And because of it, i feel confident for the upcoming week. Ok so I'm going to share a hilarious Espanol story: So there we were, my companion and I, teaching mateo. We start off and we're doing great. We followed up on comments, we taught the lesson... it was going great. So my companion was sharing her testimony about the Book of Mormon and then turned to me so that I could share mine. So I start in and I was doing pretty good but then I couldn't remember, for the life of me, how to say, "Peace" in Spanish. I looked at my companion and asked her and she hesitantly said, "Suave." I looked at her like, "uhh I don't think that's the right word," but I said it anyway. Everyone in the room started cracking up (Oh dear what did I just say??) When we got done teaching the lesson we quickly looked up what suave means. So apparently I said that reading the Book of Mormon helps me feel smooth! Well it definitely could have been worse!

The food is fine here in the MTC, the gym time that we get is amazing, even though I made a complete fool of myself in kickball. The district that I'm in is great! The elders are so stinkin funny.... so immature but funny. I can't believe that I've already been here over a week! I'm already starting to see and understand why mission are so great! I've done a lot of things in life... bungee jumping, skydiving, you know, the usual. but NOTHING compares to the feeling of helping/inviting someone to come to Christ. The spirit is sooo strong every time we teach. We recently worked on door contacting.... scare me to death. But my companion and I were the only ones that actually got in! Being here has been tough but amazing at the same time! I can't wait to see what the next year and a half brings me!

Love you all,
Hermana Lythgoe

Friday, June 8, 2012

And the journey of a lifetime begins.... now!

Sister Stacey Lythgoe entered the MTC on June 6th 2012. It was a great day, yet at the same time it was a very sad day. We know that Stacey is doing the right thing by serving the Lord, but it's hard to see such an amazing person leave us for a little bit. She has been called to serve the people in Carlsbad, California Spanish speaking. She will be in the MTC for about 2 months learning the language. She is very excited to start teaching people of Carlsbad, CA the Gospel and we are excited to hear her amazing stories and experiences. 

She had to say goodbye to her puppy Champ. One last squeeze of the ears!!!

 We ate at Brick Oven before dropping her off. I don't think Sister Lythgoe ate anything, she was very nervous and excited to start her new journey in life.

After eating at Brick Oven we quickly stopped by the Provo Temple and took some pictures

Saying goodbye for just a little bit! See you in 18 months Hermana Lythgoe!!

You forgot your sack lunch!
 "May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back.  May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.  And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand." We love you so much Hermana Lythgoe!